High Sierra Radiant Range at Forester Pass

Our John Muir Trail 2000
Back to Front and Everything In Between

by Greg and Irene High

"Then it seemed to me the Sierra should be called not the Nevada, or Snowy Range, but the Range of Light. And after ten years spent in the heart of it, rejoicing and wondering, bathing in its glorious floods of light, seeing the sunbursts of morning among the icy peaks, the noonday radiance on the trees and rocks and snow, the flush of the alpenglow, and a thousand dashing waterfalls with their marvelous abundance of irised spray, it still seems to me above all others the Range of Light, the most divinely beautiful of all the mountain-chains I have ever seen." — John Muir

Our Story

Chapter headers are original 20"x13" acrylic paintings by Greg High
excerpted from a series of fifty inspired specifically by this trek of the John Muir Trail.
For more information on purchasing a painting or print please contact: info@greghigh.com


     >  Preparations
     >  Gearing up
     >  Horseshoe Meadow Trailhead to Chicken Spring Lake via Cottonwood Pass
     >  Chicken Spring Lake to Crabtree Meadow
     >  Crabtree Meadow to JMT Junction and on to Forester Pass
     >  Forester Pass to Bubbs Creek Trail Crossing
     >  Bubbs Creek over Glen Pass to Rae Lakes
     >  Rae Lakes to Twin Lakes south of Pinchot Pass
     >  Twin Lakes south of Pinchot Pass to top of Mather Pass
     >  Mather Pass through Deer and Grouse Meadows
     >  Grouse Meadow to Wanda Lake via Muir Pass
     >  Wanda Lake to McClure Meadow in Evolution Valley
     >  McClure Meadow to Muir Trail Ranch
     >  Muir Trail Ranch to Sallie Keyes Lakes and Selden Pass
     >  Selden Pass through Bear Creek Meadow to Mono Creek
     >  Mono Creek to Cascade Valley via Silver Pass
     >  Cascade Valley to Iva Bell Hot Springs (side trip)
     >  Iva Bell Hot Springs to Reds Meadow (return to JMT)
     >  Reds Meadow to Gladys Lake through Devil's Postpile Monument
     >  Gladys Lake to Island Pass Lakes
     >  Island Pass Lakes over Donahue Pass to Lyell Canyon
     >  Lyell Canyon through Tuolumne Meadow to Cathedral Lake
     >  Cathedral Peak over Cathedral Pass to Half Dome
     >  Half Dome to Happy Isles and Yosemite Valley
     >  Yosemite Valley and Final Thoughts on the John Muir Trail

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Our John Muir Trail Adventure Story

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